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AbleStable Awards (currently open)
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AbleStable Awards


The Awards Area at AbleStable provides an overview, and enables visitors to verify the status of our awards.

Awards Policy

Every AbleStable Award is given purely on the basis of merit. Our general aim in providing awards is twofold:

to recognise outstanding creative achievement

to recommend products that significantly benefit the creative community

Our verification service below includes information about our award winners and their inclusion date.

Verify An Award

Award Categories

AbleStable Awards AbleStable runs three kinds of awards: Website Awards; Competition Awards; Product Awards.

Websites critiqued by AbleStable that provide a great user experience are presented with an AbleStable Website Award

Competition Awards are given to our competition winners (bi-monthly)

Our 5 Star Product Awards recognise creative products that provide people with a premium quality resource

Award Verification

Use one of the verify award links' below to take you to a page that lists legitimate Award winners.

All AbleStable Awards should link to AbleStable for verification purposes. If you discover a business or individual that displays our award without being referenced at AbleStable, the likelihood is that they are not a legitimate recipient of that award. If you believe this to be the case please email and we will investigate the matter immediately.

Website Awards
As part of our Website Critique service websites are awarded a star rating from 1 to 5. Website critiques provide valuable independent feedback to website owners of how effectively their websites are performing. The majority of websites achieve a 1, 2, or 3 star rating.

AbleStable 5 Star Website Award AbleStable 4 Star Website Award Very good and outstanding websites receive our 4 or 5 star Website Award. Verify A Website Award Now

Important Note: only the best sites that are critiqued receive our 4 or 5 Star Award. Websites achieving a rating of 1, 2 or 3 stars are not referenced at AbleStable. The lower website critique ratings with summaries of their performances follow:

AbleStable 3 Star Rating AbleStable 2 Star Rating AbleStable 1 Star Rating 3 Star Rating: an average website with minor flaws
2 Star Rating: a website with major flaws
1 Star Rating: one to miss...

Competition Awards

AbleStable Competition Winners Award AbleStable Competition Highly Commended Award Competition Winners Awards are presented at AbleStable every two months. Verify A Competition Award Now

Product Awards

AbleStable 5 Star Product Award Outstanding products that are of use to creative people are given our 5 Star Product Award. Verify A Product Award Now

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