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Past Winners

Welcome to the 2004 competition winner's area. View the current and previous winning entries below.
Competition Awards

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:: First Love :: May 2004


Author: Katelan V. Foisy

Title: First Love

Medium: Mixed Media

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Brief Bio: Katelan Foisy graduated From Pratt Institute NY with a BA in Illustration. Her work has been exhibited at The Society of Illustrators, NY, Worcester Art Museum, MA and Joe Bar associated with KOBO Gallery in Seattle WA. You can look for her work in May at both the Society of Illustrators and Kelleher Gallery. Katelan currently works as a freelance illustrator in NY.

AbleStable Listing:
Katelan V. Foisy Illustration

Katelan has created a wonderfully poetic work that captures the passion and fragility that characterises our first love. The roughly torn, perfectly placed photographic elements suggests a state of psychological flux. The autumn leaves crown the woman's head like a wedding wreath, the man's portrait looks on knowingly but somehow distant. All this is set in a landscape that is at heart romantic, rural, and potent.

Highly Commended

Author: Jan Martin

Title: Romance

Medium: Digital Illustration

First Love Competition Highly Commended Award click the image to enlarge

Brief Bio: Jan Martin
is a freelance illustrator and digital artist. Jan graduated in 1999 from UWE, Bristol and works in editorial, greetings cards, and publishing for clients such as The Times, The Times Educational Supplement, William Reed, Future Publishing, and Sunrise Greetings.

AbleStable Listing:
Jan Martin Illustration

Review: Jan's illustration is self conscious, insular, illusory. There are many references to common romantic notions: cupid, the hearts, the lit candles, the unreal red rose, the robe of flowers.

And yet Jan's work is not sentimental. The woman is lost in her thoughts which bubble above her like a child's cartoon comic. She seems unaware of the butterflies as they move away (or is that towards her?). From the ever-lit candles, to the blunt thorns of the rose, all is manufactured.

:: Food and Drink :: March 2004


Author: Ron Lindquist

Title: Drunk

Medium: Painting

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Brief Bio: Born in 1956 in Malmo Sweden, Ron Lindquist moved to the States in 1962 and graduated with degrees in art and computer science in 1982. Ron's work is a blend of spontaneity and direction, and his best pieces are those in which the battle between preconceived notions and honesty melt in a harmonious rhythm of texture, colour and mood.


Review: In 'Drunk'
Ron Lindquist has created a painting that both encourages the eye and moves the heart. The fluid movement of colour and form that surrounds the figure contrasts with the gritty texture of a face that has felt great pain and sadness, but now is numb with drink. It's difficult to know whether the figure is male or female, young or old. All we know is the discomfort we would feel if asked to raise our glass in return...

Highly Commended

Author: Bryan Ballinger

Title: Junior Painting

Medium: Digital Illustration

Pins and Needles Competition Highly Commended Award click the image to enlarge

Brief Bio: Bryan has been doing freelance illustration for over 13 years for clients
such as Houghton Mifflin, Scholastic, Nintendo, Disney, and Harley Davidson.
He has illustrated a number of children's books, including The Great Cheese
Squeeze, which he also co-wrote.


Review: This cute asparagus seems to seek approval from the figure in the portrait he's created, but on closer inspection the viewer observes his gaze is focused at someone or something off-frame. Perhaps the Frankenstein like character is about to take a bite out of the little fellah and destroy his creator...

Like the asparagus, we can all feel somewhat surprised by the results of our creative efforts as they take on a life of their own.

:: Darkness :: January 2004


Author: Gayle West

Title: Dreams

Medium: Illustration

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Brief Bio: After attending Parsons School of Design, Gayle enjoyed positions as art director for national monthly trade and sporting magazines. Gayle currently works on illustrating and designing children's books and magazines.

AbleStable Listing:
Gayle West Illustration

Review: Gayle's illustration is a maze of complex possibilities. Perhaps the child is unaware of the presence of the dog. The contented smile of the child, the angular menace of the sharp toothed, spiked collared dog. Perhaps the dog is laughing, perhaps the child lays happy as the dog guards her. Perhaps these travelers of the soft vortex that surrounds and transports them, are dreamers that meet but once in the darkness we call night.

Highly Commended

Author: Julian Mckenny

Title: Shadow of the Oppressor

Medium: Photograph

Pins and Needles Competition Highly Commended Award click the image to enlarge

Brief Bio: Julian is a freelance web designer based in South Manchester. Julian often uses original photographs and images in his projects. Trained as a fine artist (painter), he has worked as a senior designer, and has run his own businesses as a studio photographer and greetings card manufacturer.

AbleStable Listing: foliozone


Review: There's a certain normality in the casual gate of the man. The solitary figure seems unaware or resigned to the sinister shadow that mirrors his path. The angle of the barbed wire fence implies the viewer is within. 'Revolucion', the call to arms, the dereliction of the burnt and boarded building, the street lamp ripped from it's mooring, this is a place of economic, and political darkness.
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