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Welcome to the 2005 competition winner's area. View the current and previous winning entries below.
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:: Struggle :: May 2005


Author: Dr Rachel Morris

Title: Beaten

Medium: Digitally 'painted' photograph

Beaten AbleStable Competitions Award click the winning image to enlarge

Brief Bio: Rachel Morris has been one of Europe's leading experts on laws relating to Gypsies and other nomads. Since 2002 Rachel has been a nomadic herself: a Welsh-Canadian currently teaching in South Korea.

For examples of her writing and photography go to:

Review: Rachel Morris has created a work that is at turns disturbing, beautiful, and challenging.

An elderly Korean women in Andong, Korea, crushes dried roots into powders. She is permanently bent double.

Rachel comments: 'Struggle' refers both to her life as I imagine it, and my ethical dilemmas about photographing strangers without their knowledge. Turning photos into 'paintings' beats my sense of guilt. But should it?'

real person, on a real street, who suffers each and every day is of far more value than our relative and insignificant ponderings on the niceties of the image: the colours, the textures, the form and line. Yet without these qualities, the image would be less powerful, less emotive, less affecting.

Rachel's work 'Beaten' is not a 'pleasure', but more of a struggle of conscience for the viewer, and a reflection of the struggle of one woman who represents countless others.

Highly Commended

Author: Dermot Finn

Title: Bits of Sorrow

Medium: Digital Illustration

Bits of Sorrow Competition Highly Commended Award click the image to enlarge

Brief Bio: Dermot Finn is an undergraduate student in his final year of study in the National College Of Art, Dublin, Ireland. Here he discovered a love for traditional printmaking techniques; etching, engraving etc, as well as digital art techniques; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.

AbleStable Listing: Dermot Finn

Review: Dermot's dark illustration 'Bits of Sorrow' shows three gas masked figures grappling with a fourth anonymous figure.

The scene is Orwellian in its threatening dominance. The muted colours support the overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia and menace.

The skeletal heads of the dominant figures might be viewed of as minions of the grim reaper.

Here's an image that encapsulates physical struggle and brutality. Three against one, it seems the central figure doesn't have a chance. Outnumbered, he is doomed.

Is this a representation of political injustice, tyrannical assertion, or an undercover crime? No matter what the context, struggle is everywhere.
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