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The Quiet Revolution

I run AbleStable on a not-for-profit basis. It's aim is to encourage and support creativity. My profound conviction is that exploring our creativity is the world's best hope for peace, cooperation, and constructive communication. Creativity is also a major force in contributing to happiness.

If you wish to show your appreciation for AbleStable, it's hundreds of resources, articles, and free directory service, please make a donation to Oxfam International.

My Background

I've worked in the creative sector for over thirty years, both in the UK and North America. My creative focus has at times been as an author, photographer, composer, artist, and web designer - see my Personal Site for more. I am currently working on a major project that has music, sound, image, and language at its core.

To learn more about me, read a Column, or the interview Investigating Creativity.

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