Line Rider
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Creator: Boštjan Cadež | Current Developers: InXile Entertainment

| The Line Rider Guide | Click "Play" on the first screen, create your course, then watch your rider fly...

Game Play

Line Rider is an outstanding creative toy created by Boštjan Cadež
. Online "toys" do not have clear aims like a game, but rather emphasize play. There's no high score to beat, no particular goal to achieve. You can however define your own challenge. You might for example create a ride that takes you as fast as a speeding bullet, you might loop the loop, have your rider dive and jump, make trick back flips, the direction and the journey is very much up to you. Line Rider allows you to create a ride that travels far longer and does far more than you might at first imagine. Start now and if you're an inquisative, fun loving type, you'll not stop for hours, but above all, enjoy the ride!

The Line Rider Guide

Click "Play" on the introductory window and you'll see a brief introduction to using the Line Rider controls. Click "Continue" and the main editor stage will open.

Line Rider Tool Set At the top of the stage area you will see six Line Rider controls.

Line Rider Pencil Control

The Pencil is the only creative tool you have at your disposal when using Line Rider. You will draw and design your ride with the pencil and discover many ways to affect the movement of your rider with the lines you draw as your knowledge increases.

Start by drawing a line from top left to bottom right. Don't make the line too steep at this point. Click the play setting. The rider will drop and ride your line until the line stops, at which point your rider will dive into a never ending freefall.

A line drawn from left to right act as the floor, and lines drawn from right to left act as the ceiling. This takes some thinking about. Experiment to see how this affects, manipulates, and restricts your rider. The majority of your lines will be drawn from left to write, but ceilings can be very useful in restricting the upward movement of the rider as danger approaches.

Ceiling strokes can also be used as design elements. For example, hoops which the rider can fly through. Note however that hoops must be drawn in two stages - that's something you'll have to figure out. As you gain expertise, your use of the right-left Pencil stroke will become very useful as you play and design ever more complex and challenging rides.

Line Rider Hand Control

The Hand Tool is the key to making larger, longer, nail-biting rides. After you have created a short ride, click the Hand tool, then hold down the mouse on the rider screen and drag. Using the Hand tool allows you to edit any section of your ride, no matter how large.

Tip: hold down the space key while using the pencil to use the Hand tool.

Line Rider Play Control The Play button allows you to instantly view your rider in action. Like any creative activity, you will be switching between the editing tool (in this case, the Pencil), and the Play button. This will allow you to review your work so you can make judgments- and actions about improving it.
Line Rider Stop Control The Stop button stops the rider moving and returns you to the editing task.
Line Rider Delete Control The Delete tool deletes your movie. This will not function when in Play mode. Be careful as once you have deleted your work it can never be restored. Use the Save tool to temporarily keep your rides.
Line Rider Save Control

The Save function allows you to temporarily keep your rides as long as your browser window remains open. Be aware however, that once you close your browser window you will loose your ride.

Recording Your Line Rider Masterpieces
AVI Screen Classic screenshot

If you would like to record your Line Rider creations so you can share them with others, download AVI Screen Classic [668KB]. AVI Screen Classic is an excellent freeware screen recorder from

Once installed you may wish to turn of the default Internet update check which can be done via the Help menu.


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