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Software for Creative People
Welcome to the Software Centre at AbleStable®.

All the software you'll find here has been chosen with the creative person in mind.
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AbleStable® provides an independent star rating of products based on assessment, customer feedback, and industry reviews.

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Featured software listed under
Business Software

AnswerTool [ review ] 5 out of 5 stars

Windows Software DTLink Software

software logo AbleStable 5 Star Award [pc only] Easily create answer files for each of your products and switch between them instantly. Use the answers yourself, or share them among your entire team.

AnswerTool provides each team member or individual immediate access to a common knowledge base to provide clear, consistent, and complete answers that increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.

Featured software listed under Development Software

CSE HTML Validator [ review ] 5 out of 5 stars

Windows Software AI Internet Solutions

CSE Validator Screenshot AbleStable 5 Star Award [pc only] CSE HTML Validator Professional is a fast, powerful, highly user configurable, and easy to use professional HTML, XHTML, and CSS development tool that helps you create syntactically correct documents.

You'll be surprised how many problems exist in your web documents, especially if it was made with a WYSIWYG editor or automatic HTML generator! CSE HTML Validator will help you locate and fix problems so that your documents are easily viewed by a variety of web browsers.

Featured software listed under Graphic Software

SWF Media Browser [ review ] 4 out of 5 stars

Windows Software SWISHSOFT

software box cover [pc] SWF Media Browser is a powerful tool designed to search, manage, view, play, and save Flash media files. It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and manage your SWF media files with ease.

Swishsoft have produced a Flash movie browser with an excellent interface that any user can quickly pick up. The attention to the detail in the design of the software is outstanding, and although you might find some spelling and grammatical errors in the generous help file that accompanies the software, this in no way detracts from this great application.

Featured software listed under System Software

Norton SystemWorks and Firewall [ review ] starstarstarstar

Windows Software One year all inclusive service

software box cover [pc] Symantec’s Norton SystemWorks and Firewall keeps your system running smoothly, and the hackers at bay. For a comprehensive package to protect your computer you'll be hard pushed to buy better.

We've used both SystemWorks and Personal Firewall for the past four years and found them to be excellent products for a PC. Consider McAffee Firewall for the Laptop however...

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