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Detailed Description and Review

Norton Internet Security 2.0 Mac 4 out of 5 stars

Mac Software Symantec

software box cover [mac only: see Norton System Works for pc] Norton Internet Security 2.0 enables users of Mac OS X to secure their Macs from hackers and virus attacks with Symantec's invaluable suite of Internet security tools.

System Requirements


Mac OS X
Macintosh system with PowerPC G3 or higher processor
Mac OS X version 10.1 or higher
128 MB of RAM (required for Mac OS X)
25 MB of available hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
Internet connection required for LiveUpdate

Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9
PowerPC-based Macintosh system
Mac OS 8.1 or higher
24 MB of RAM
25 MB of available hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
Internet connection required for LiveUpdate


Although Norton Internet Security 2.0 Mac has now been updated for use on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar), users MUST run Norton 'Live Update' IMMEDIATELY after installing, BEFORE RESTARTING, as some early versions of Norton Internet Security 2.0 Mac that are still shipping are not compatible with 10.2 and require the update to run.

Install the software, then quit the installer (without restarting). Look in the Internet Security folder for the Live Update icon. Double click and update the software, You will have to enter your user name and password several times as the updates download and unstuff. Wait for the confirmation page, THEN restart. We are indebted to a reviewer of this software at Amazon for this information.

Detailed Description

Norton Internet Security 2.0 includes the simple yet effective Norton Personal Firewall 2.0, the best-selling Norton AntiVirus 8.0 and Norton Privacy Control which prevents private data from ever leaving your Mac. Installation is quick and easy, guiding you through checking your Mac for viruses before you install, and only requiring you to select the level of virus protection you require.

AntiVirus 8.0 not only protects you from a huge list of viruses, but it even scans e-mail attachments and file transfers as you download them, allowing you to stop an infected file before it reaches your computer. Keeping the application and its essential virus definitions up-to-date is made simple by the LiveUpdate feature, which allows you to download new versions manually when you are on-line, or at scheduled times.

Norton Personal Firewall 2.0 is striking in its simplicity. Once you have run the software installer you are protected from all forms of unauthorised access from the Internet, and that's practically all there is to it. Using Norton Personal Firewall 2.0 for the first time, it is surprising to see just how many attempts have been made to access your computer without your permission during an average session on the Net.

To make more use of the information logged by Norton Personal Firewall 2.0 the package also includes Open Door Networks' "Who's There?". This excellent utility reads the firewall log and provides detailed information on the access attempts which have been intercepted, along with risk ratings for the various types of attack. If you decide to take action against the would-be hackers, "Who's There?" will even search the online WHOIS database and draft an e-mail to the system administrator of the network from which a particular attack originated.

Norton Privacy Control gives peace of mind by preventing you from unwittingly transmitting private information such as banking details or passwords through your Internet connection. Simply type in the information that you want blocked, and Norton Privacy Control will scan all data sent from your computer and warn you if your private data is being transmitted before it ever leaves your Mac. In addition, Norton Privacy Control provides an end to those dreadful pop-up advertisements you see all over the Internet Simply drag a pop-up window from your browser onto the Norton Privacy Control trash, and in future it will be blocked from displaying.

Finally, Aladdin Systems' iClean provides a quick and simple way to clean out unwanted Internet-related files such as browser caches, cookies and page history files, freeing up valuable disk space, and preventing clutter.

Users of Mac OS 8 or OS 9 should note that the Norton Internet Security 2.0 package includes Norton Internet Security 1.0 for operating systems older than Mac OS X, so if you already own this version and do not use Mac OS X, Norton Internet Security 2.0 offers no new features for you.

Mac users who spend much of their time online, and particularly those with broadband connections, will find this suite of security applications an effective way of maintaining peace of mind with minimum fuss.

Daniel Jardine, Amazon

Manufacturer's Description

Norton Internet Security for Macintosh 2.0 provides essential protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats. This powerful suite includes three great Symantec tools in one powerful suite, plus two bonus applications. Norton AntiVirus is the world's most trusted anti-virus software for Macintosh systems, finding and repairing infected files without interrupting your work. Norton Personal Firewall keeps hackers out by monitoring all Internet connections to your Mac and blocking unauthorised access attempts. Norton Privacy Control safeguards your personal data, preventing confidential information such as credit-card numbers from being sent out over the Internet without your knowledge. It also lets you block unwanted Web-page ads.

Symantec's exclusive LiveUpdate technology lets you keep all three programs updated automatically over the Internet Aladdin iClean frees disk space and helps protect your privacy by removing unneeded Internet clutter such as cookies, cache files, and logs. And Who's There? Firewall Advisor from Open Door provides additional information about hacking attempts to help you take action against possible intruders. Protect your computer 24 hours a day with Norton Internet Security 2.0 for Macintosh-now rebuilt for Mac OS X (some features available only on Mac OS X).


AbleStable® Review
4 out of 5 stars

Syndication Licensees Only Using This Content

There's little doubt the Mac is targeted far less by hackers than Windows users. An indication of this is the monthly update of virus definitions that can be downloaded using the 'LiveUpdate' facility in Norton Internet Security for the Mac. This compares with an almost weekly update required for the Windows operating system.

Norton Internet Security 2.0 for the Mac operates quietly in the background. You decide on the level of on-line protection from hackers and viruses you'd like. We'd advise you go with the default settings the set-up wizard suggests as setting too high a security firewall may restrict your Internet access to such an extent you won't even be able to open a web page! Get to grips with the software's capabilities, then fine tune them to your preferences.

There are cheaper alternatives to Norton, but with Norton you're paying for a premium product that will serve you reliably and ensure your on-line exposure doesn't leave you vulnerable to unwelcome attacks. There are few security and firewall options available to the Mac user, and Symantec continue to drive the standard others have to match.

Review by AbleStable®

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