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Toolbar Paint

Toolbar Paint Screenshot: click to enlarge

Software Developer: Edgar Hansen:

Description: Toolbar Paint is specifically targeted at developers who wish to design their own toolbar button graphics. It can open toolbar bitmaps with up to 64 buttons and allows you to visually design a toolbar using a wide selection of editing tools.

Toolbar Paint includes image manipulation tools to replace colours, apply gradients and more. The toolbar graphics can be saved as 16 colour, 256 colour, 24 or 32 bit bitmaps to incorporate into your application. Additional plug-ins are provided in this download that let you save a button as an icon file, and add additional blur and brightness effects.

The button library manager is an integrated feature within Toolbar and puts all of the valid buttons in a single folder. You can either double click a button image and have it added to the current toolbar, or select multiple buttons and have them either added to the current toolbar. The images can be resized to fit the current button size or inserted at their original size. The button search routine will search a folder for all valid button bitmaps or image lists. If an image list is found the individual button images are extracted. Icon files are also available in the list allowing for the easy import of icons into your toolbar.

Note: to view the Windows XP type toolbar buttons as shown in the screenshot above, you'll need to select the 'Phoenity Buttons' from the 'Options' menu, then close the program and relaunch it.

System Requirements: All versions of Windows including Windows XP

Features and Usage

A simple program to backup, synchronise, or restore files, with easy scheduling.

Supports 16 colour, 256 colour, 24 and 32 bit graphics

Up to 64 buttons per image list

Button sizes from 16 to 48 pixels square

Standard set of drawing tools and effects

Optionally generate a mask when saving

Load toolbars directly from executables and DLL's

Rearrange toolbar image list by simply dragging and dropping buttons

Merge image lists

Gray scaling to create disabled button images

Plug in support

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