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AbleStable® Resources: Splash Paint

Author: Laurent Gaumer:

Get creative using Splash Paint, a great online paint program...

Check out the Splash Paint Guide below while your waiting for the Flash file to open.

Splash Paint Guide

Splash opens by default with French labeling. You may switch to English labeling using the 'english' button.

Splash comes with an impressive array of tools and requires Macromedia's free Flash plug-in to function. Splash weighs in at 110kb, and will take around 30 seconds to fully open.

Splash screenshot Overview

On the left is a screenshot of Splash and the three main working areas.

Top Buttons: The top horizontal buttons allow you to delete everything on the 'stage', undo. change the button labeling from French to English, and call up Help and About.

The Stage: The painting area.

The Controls: The 'tools' selector, the 'effects' selector and modifier, 'colour picker', 'brush' selector and sizer, and a 'bgd' (background) colour selector.



Choose one of six shapes from the 'brushes' panel, and a colour from the 'colour picker' panel'. Select the painting tool (brush icon) from the 'tools' panel, then paint on the 'stage' by holding down the mouse button.

Object mode
By clicking on the 'object' button in the 'tools' panel, you can draw shapes one by one.

Selection mode
Using the selection tool allows you to move the last created shape.

Special effects
Modify shapes with the 'effects' panel by clicking the tiny rectangular buttons to activate or deactivate special effects. Each effect has different modifiers so experiment by using the sliders.

Brush Size
In addition to selecting a brush you can resize the brush by using the slider situated underneath the six brush icons.

One of the great features of Splash is the ability to undo your actions. You'll find the undo command among the row of top horizontal buttons (<).

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